Monday, March 17, 2014

Combining an existing sprinkler system with a grey water irrigation system

For those weeks when you don't have any laundry or are going on vacation you can combine your grey water irrigation system with the existing sprinkler system.

You will need:

  1. 1/2 PVC check valve slip x slip (lowest crack pressure possible 1 PSI preferred)
  2. Raindrip 1/2-in Polypropylene Drip Irrigation Female Adapter
  3. 1/2 PVC to hose adapter slip
  4. 1/2 PVC Tee slip x slip x slip
  5. 1/2 drip line and 1/2 PVC pipe
Begin by installing the 1/2 check valve and the tee on the 1/2 line that exits the grey water filtration system (installed mine outside for easy access). Make sure you check the direction of water flow, it should be away from your laundry. You need the check valve to prevent the water from the sprinkler system from entering your grey water filtration system and flooding your laundry room :).
Attach the drip adapter to one of the existing sprinklers (some digging and cussing might be required). Cut the 1/2 drip line and insert into both ends of the adapter

Run the 1/2 inch PVC line along the house to where you want to expand the irrigation system to and install the 1/2 to hose adapter on the end. You can then attach the drip line to the PVC line.

Your grey water system will then irrigate more plants around the house and you can turn the sprinkler on when you are not doing enough laundry or when you are away for an extended period of time.


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